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TeMA is a planning firm that investigates the seams between the professions of architecture and landscape architecture. The urban context forms the basis for all work done by the firm and acts as a catalyst for its detailed planning and design schemas. The landscaping takes place mostly above basement roofs and buildings, covering underneath the complex infrastructure that enables it. 


We develop our projects with an underlying theme. The theme runs like a thread between various parts and layers of each project, thus enabling its comprehension beyond the aesthetic experience. The theme serves the different planning phases for a fruitful dialogue to take place with the design team, as well as with client.

We believe that each project and site should be endowed with a particular design concept and a unique idea. This approach to design originates in the notion that sites and programs have singular characteristics. we always develop a design idea with notable aspects, not only at a conceptual level, but distinguishable at every detail.



TeMA was founded in 2000 by Lital Szmuk Fabian and Orna Fraifeld Best, who met during their Masters studies at the Harvard University, Graduated School of Design in Boston, Massachusetts.

As a landscape architect who worked at Martha Schwartz's Partners firm in Boston for four year, Lital participated in such key projects as Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California, Fukuoka's residential project in Gifu, Japan and a Central Square in Manchester, England. Orna is an architect who previously worked in the firm of Tzvi Harel and Gidi Bar Orian and taught in Bezalel's Department of Architecture for six years.


Focusing primerly on the urban context. TeMA is involved in such enterprises as the new cultural center in Ashdod, the Peres Center for Peace,  Tel Aviv's  Cultural Square, and Holon's Museum of Design.

Office employees along the years:

Yinon Levi Altshul, Efrat Vertesh Cohen, Noa Marom, Tomer Shaham,

Ireen Tagor, Anat Wechsler, Yael Margalit Lakstein, Ze'ev Feigis, Rami Bar Maor, Maya Zohar, Inbal Raz Rotbard, Kobi Hershkovitz, Guy Nardi, Dan Talpalar,  Yossi Shushan, Ofer Bilik, Gil Cohen, Miri Michles.


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